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FAQ within [ Troubleshoot: BL_WV10 ]

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  • The administrator password and/or security code is unknown.

    Reset the BL-WV10 to its default settings.With the power on, press and hold the FACTORY DEFAULT RESET button at the back of the BL-WV10 for 3 seconds.

    • No:3010
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Timer recording doesn't work.

    Check the timer settings. Is the timer indicator lit? Turn on the timer indicator by pressing the [TIMER] button on the remote control. Also, check if the time is set correctly.

    • No:3001
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • I cannot format the SD card.

    Is the SD memory card write-protected?Are you using an incompatible card, e.g., an MMC?

    • No:2999
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • The camera cannot be set as a local camera.

    [Cause1] Are you attempting to perform Quick Setup on a camera already configured using a computer?[Solution1] To use Quick Setup to set cameras already configured on a computer as local cameras, y...

    • No:2998
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • The remote control doesn't work.

    Check to see if the batteries are good and installed correctly.Make sure the remote control is not in direct sunlight.Make sure there is no obstruction (including colored glass in a rack door) betw...

    • No:3013
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • The remote control does not turn on the TV.

    Check the power button on the TV. Make sure the correct manufacturer code set for the remote control.

    • No:3012
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • The BL-WV10 does not work.

    [Cause1] Is the power indicator flashing red? [Cause2] Did the buzzer sound 3 or more times?[Solution] Remove the power cord of the AC adaptor from the AC power source and reinsert it. If this does...

    • No:3011
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • No image appears.

    Check the video cable connection and the TV's input mode switch.

    • No:3008
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • The camera image doesn't appear.

    Check the ethernet cable connection.

    • No:3007
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • The external sensor is connected and the sensor alert mode is set, but the sensor does not detect.

    Is the external sensor connected correctly? If the sensor is not connected correctly, the sensor is detecting all of the time or does not detect properly.

    • No:3005
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00

1-10 of Total 23