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FAQ within [ FAQ: BB_HCM5xxcameras ]

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  • What does splash resistant mean?

    The splash resistant body will endure water being splashed on it but not being submerged in water or under high water pressure. It is recommended to install the camera under an eave.

    • No:3138
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Please describe brightness of 0.2 to 10 lux.

    0.2 lux: full moon light1 lux: approximately the same as the brightness of a candle 1 m (3 ft.) away in a dark room.5 to 10 lux: under the streetlight of one fluorescent lamp at a height of 5m.5 lu...

    • No:3127
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Can I record audio with recording program?

    The network camera recorder (BB-HNP11/HNP15) can record audio as well as video data. (In case of BB-HNP11, the recording resolution of 1280 x 1024 and MPEG-4 are not supported. In case of BB-HNP15,...

    • No:3147
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What do I need for 2-way audio communication?

    You should connect an external speaker to the camera and connect a microphone to the PC.

    • No:3135
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What is 2-way audio communication?

    This feature lets you have walkie-talkie type communication between camera and PC. You can listen to the audio received by the built-in microphone (or a microphone connected to the external microph...

    • No:3136
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Can the camera's audio feature work on mobile phone?

    No.This feature works only on a PC.

    • No:3133
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What is the range of the built-in microphone?

    The range that you can listen to a human voice is about 5m in quiet environment. (It is dependant on the circumstances.)If you wish to expand the monitoring range, you can use an external microphone.

    • No:3130
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Do I need any optional cable for data transfer?

    You do not need any optional cable since data transfer and power supply is passed through Ethernet cable connected to the camera.

    • No:3129
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Which cameras can be register as multi camera?

    Any BB-HCM, BB-HCE, BB-HCS, KX-HCM and BL-C series camera can be registered with multi camera.

    • No:3120
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Can I record audio?

    You can record audio as well as video data in MPEG-4 mode. (You can record only video data in JPEG mode.)

    • No:3146
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00

1-10 of Total 31