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FAQ within [ FAQ: BB_HCM5xxcameras ]

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  • Do I need any optional cable for data transfer?

    You do not need any optional cable since data transfer and power supply is passed through Ethernet cable connected to the camera.

    • No:3129
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • It says that the power supplied through the Ethernet cable can reach up to 100m. If I go beyond 100m, what will happen?

    It may work beyond 100m but we cannot guarantee it since 100m is the Ethernet standard.

    • No:3128
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What is full-screen display?

    The camera supports full-screen display of monitor images. Even the smallest details can easily be monitored on this large display screen. You can use this function with both single and multi camer...

    • No:3126
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What is analog video output?

    By connecting a cable directly to the TV, not via network, you can monitor the camera. The video output is compatible with both NTSC and PAL systems.

    • No:3125
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Does the camera (HCM5xx series) have pan/tilt functions?

    You can operate the camera not only with digital zoom but also pan/tilt. Pan (horizontal) area: -60 degree to +60 degree Tilt (vertical) area: -45 degree to +20 degree

    • No:3124
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What is the magnification of the camera?

    The camera supports 10x digital zoom (by area), so you can get a close, detailed look at certain parts of the images while you are monitoring.

    • No:3123
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What is the viewing angle?

    The viewing angle is the visual range of the camera.

    • No:3122
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • What is multi-camera?

    You can monitor up to 9 cameras and display them all at once with moving images and audio by registering the addresses of all other cameras. With this function, you can have:audio 2-way communicat...

    • No:3121
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Which cameras can be register as multi camera?

    Any BB-HCM, BB-HCE, BB-HCS, KX-HCM and BL-C series camera can be registered with multi camera.

    • No:3120
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00
  • Can the cameras be used on any kind of network?

    Camera can be used at always-on connection, such as ADSL, CATV and/or FTTH. Camera may not work on some networks connected to proxy server. Viewnetcam cannot work at network which is defined p...

    • No:3118
    • 公開日時:2013/04/10 15:00

21-30 of Total 31