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Audio cannot be heard on the PC.


  1. [Cause1]
    The microphone is not installed properly.

  2. [Cause2]
    The camera's listen button is muted.
    [Solution2] Click the listen button again to turn off the mute.

  3. [Cause3]
    The listen button is gray.
    The listen feature is disabled for the general user's account or for guest users.
    Change the feature access level for the general user or for guest users to allow access to the listen feature.

  4. [Cause4]
    The camera's volume is turned down.
    Adjust the camera's volume slider.

  5. [Cause5]
    The PC's volume is turned down or muted.
    Open the PC's volume control screen, then turn off the mute and adjust the volume slider on the master and wave setting.

  6. [Cause6]
    The version of the Java is incorrect.
    Install the Java version 1.4.1_01.
    You can get the latest information of the Java on the Panasonic support web site.

  7. [Cause7]
    The number of the simultaneous access with audio exceeds the limit.
    Please access again later.

  8. [Cause8]
    The Web browser is not configured properly.
    Enable the ActiveX control and plug-in on the IE.
    Enable the Java script on the Netscape.
    The Java proxy is not configured properly.
    Set up the Java proxy properly according to the following procedures.
    1. [Start]->[Setup]->[Control panel]->[Java plug-in]
    2. Select the [Proxy] tab.
    3. Uncheck [use the setting of the browser], input the IP address and port number of the proxy in [HTTP] column and click [apply].

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