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  • 公開日時 : 2013/04/10 15:00
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When registering KX/BB-HCM cameras on the KX-HGW500/501 automatically, the subsequent cameras are not registered properly.


Automatic registration cannot be performed properly if the KX/BB-HCM cameras have been already registered automatically on the other KX-HGW500/501 or it is not initialized correctly.

When adding the KX/BB-HCM camera on the KX-HGW500/501 or making the switch to another KX-HGW500/501, reset the cameras to the factory default settings according to the following procedures.
  1. Press the camera's FACTORY DEFAULT RESET button again after this product has started up.
  2. Wait for the initialization to be complete.
    • Do not remove the power cord in the act of the initialization.
    • When pressing the FACTORY DEFAULT RESET button, all of the buffered images, settings and passwords are removed.

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