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  • 公開日時 : 2013/04/10 15:00
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The Camera Portal page and Setup Page do not appear.


  • Make sure the LAN 1?4 indicators and WIRELESS indicator lights are green. Make sure the indicators on the Ethernet card and wireless card is on. If any indicator is off, check the Ethernet cable on the LAN.

  • The PC on the LAN side may not be assigned an IP address by the KX-HGW600. Make sure Obtain an IP address automatically is checked on the PC and restart.

  • When you change the IP address (:Port No.) of the KX-HGW600 ( Page 106), enter the new IP address (:Port No.) in the address field of the web browser. (When port no. is 80 [default setting], you do not need to enter port no.)

  • Access the Camera Portal Page in 1 minute after turning on this product.

  • When you use the proxy server setting, setup of your web browser may be needed to access the Setup Page.
  • JavaScript is used on the Setup Page. If JavaScript is invalid on the setup of the web browser, access the Setup Page after enabling JavaScript.
    1. Click [Tools menu]
    2. Click [Internet Options]
    3. Click [Security tab]
    4. Click [Custom Level]
    5. Check [Enable] in "Active Scripting" of JavaScript.

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