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You cannot access the Camera Portal page and Setup Page from the WAN side.


  • There may be a lot of network traffic. Wait for a while and try again.

  • Make sure the WAN indicator lights green. If it is off, check the connections on the WAN.

  • When you use the proxy server setting, setup of your web browser may be needed to access the Setup Page.

  • JavaScript is used on the Setup Page. If JavaScript is invalid on the setup of the web browser, access the Setup Page after enabling JavaScript.
    1. Click [Tools menu]
    2. Click [Internet Options]
    3. Click [Security tab]
    4. Click [Custom Level]
    5. Check [Enable] in “Active Scripting” of JavaScript.

  • If you check Restricted Access on the Setup Page of the KX-HGW600 ([Camera Setup]-> [Access Control] window), check None or Administrator Only.

  • Because this product is placed under the router, this router must support the UPnP.

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