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The camera cannot be accessed by IPv6.

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The camera is not configured for IPv6 correctly.
Refer to the [Network (IPv6)] column on the [Status] page, and check if IP address and default router is correct.

IPSec settings have not been set on your PC.
Set IPSec settings on your PC.

IPv6 is supported by Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later.
If using Windows XP, use the procedure below to enable your PC for IPv6.
  1. Click [Start]->[All Programs]->[Accessories]->[Command Prompt].
  2. When the [Command Prompt] is displayed, enter ipv6 install.
    When installation is complete, [Succeeded.] will be displayed.
  3. Confirm that IPv6 was successfully enabled, enter ipconfig. If IPv6 addresses are displayed, installation was successful.
If you use Windows XP Service Pack 2, the following procedure is also necessary.
  1. Click [Start]->[Control Panel]->[Security Center]->[Windows Firewall]->[Advanced] tab.
  2. Click the [Settings...] button under [ICMP].
  3. Check [Allow incoming router request], then click [OK].
    [Cause3] IPv6 is not supported on your LAN or provider.

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