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  • 公開日時 : 2013/04/10 15:00
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The camera does not transfer buffered images by E-mail or FTP.


Errors have occurred on the way to the E-mail or FTP server.
Refer to the [Protocol] column on the [Status] page, and check if errors are displayed.

The [Default Gateway] or DNS server address settings may be wrong.
Consult your ISP or network administrator, and assign the correct settings.

The login ID or password entered for E-mail or HTTP transferring is incorrect.
Confirm that the correct settings are entered.

[No authentication] is selected for sending E-mail.
Select the authentication method from [POP before SMTP authentication] or [SMTP authentication] for sending E-mail, and enter the appropriate settings if necessary.

The method of SMTP authentication on the SMTP Server has not been compatible with PLAN mode or LOGIN mode.
Only PLAN and LOGIN mode are supported on the camera.

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