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Motion images from the camera refresh slowly.

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The following are possible causes and solutions:

  • Several users are accessing the camera simultaneously.
    Image refresh rate may be reduced when several users are accessing the camera. Wait and try to access the camera again.
  • You are not using a switching hub.
    Image refresh rate may be reduced when viewing images from multiple cameras in the multi camera screen if you are not using a switching hub. Make sure you are using a switching hub.
  • Image refresh rate depends on the following conditions. Please review each condition.
    Camera settings: Image resolution, image quality, bandwidth limitations
    Environment: Capabilities of the computer being used, network condition, subject of camera images (brightness, etc.)
  • "Max. Bandwidth Usage" (found in the camera's network settings) may be set too low.
    The maximum bandwidth used by the camera can be set to a value between 0.1 Mbps and unlimited; increase the maximum bandwidth to a level that suits your network environment.
    • <Reference>
      Refer to the following image resolutions and file sizes when setting the maximum bandwidth used by the camera. The file size for 1 JPEG file is as follows:(When "Image Quality" is set to "Standard".)
      --160 x 120 pixels, approx. 3 KB (24 Kbit)
      --320 x 240 pixels, approx. 10 KB (80 Kbit)
      --640 x 480 pixels, approx. 18 KB (144 Kbit)*File size can vary on image quality and the subject (brightness, etc.).
  • The camera is in a low-light environment (less than 1 lux), and has therefore automatically switched to Color Night View mode; image refresh rate is reduced and blurring occurs when panning or tilting the lens.
    This is how the camera is designed to performed; to increase the image refresh rate, illuminate the environment (more than 1 lux). Additionally, blurring while panning and tilting will stop when Color Night View mode turns off.
    * 1 lux is approximately the same as the brightness of a candle 1 m (3 ft.) away in a dark room.

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