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Camera images are not displayed properly.

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Any of the following are possible causes.

  1. ActiveX is not installed on the computer.
    ActiveX is not installed on the computer. In order to view motion images using Internet Explorer, you must download and install ActiveX Control.
    • After clicking "Single" or "Multi" to view motion images, the following screen will appear.

Click yes and download the file.

  • Depending on the security settings of your web browser, the following screen may be displayed.

If this screen is displayed, complete the following steps to change the security level of Internet Explorer.

  • In Internet Explorer, select [Tools] -> [Internet Options] -> [Security].
  • Click "Customize Level".
  • Click "Enable" or "Prompt" for "Download signed ActiveX controls" under "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" (after ActiveX is downloaded and installed, there will be no need to download it again).
  1. If the screen is not displayed after following the steps above, ActiveX Control was not downloaded properly.
    • If ActiveX Control was not downloaded properly (usually it can be downloaded from the Network Camera to the computer), install ActiveX Control by completing the following steps.
      • Insert the Setup CD-ROM, open the "ocx" folder and double-click "ActiveX Inst.exe".
      • Click "Register OCX (ActiveX)".
        Wait for the "Succeeded" dialog box to appear.
      • ActiveX is now installed.
  1. There is too much network traffic.
    If the screen does not appear, wait and access the camera again.
  2. The Network Camera's IP address has changed.
    Enter the new IP address in the address field of your web browser.
  3. If a blue screen is displayed instead of motion images from the camera
    • More then 20 devices are accessing the Network Camera simultaneously.
      Make sure less than 20 devices are accessing the camera simultaneously, or switch to viewing still images instead of motion images.
  4. The web browser used to access the Network Camera is configured to use a proxy server. Configure the web browser to not use a proxy server.

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