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The Network Camera is not identified in the Network Camera List window when configuring the camera using the Setup CD-ROM.

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There are several possible reasons for this type of trouble.
  1. The LAN (Ethernet) cable may not be properly connected. Use a category 5 crossover cable when connecting a PC and the Network Camera directly, and use a category 5 straight-through cable the Network Camera is connected to a router or hub. Make sure the hub and router are switched on. When properly connected, the Network Cameras indicator should be green.
  2. 20 minutes may have passed since the Network Camera was switched on. The Setup CD-ROM cannot identify the Network Camera if more than 20 minutes pass after the Network Camera is powered up. Please restart the Network Camera, quit the CD-ROM software and launch it again, then try again to locate the Network Camera on the network.
  3. The IP address configured on the PC may be incorrect, preventing it from accessing your network properly. Click Configuring the Network Camera and a broadband router for more information.
  4. Personal firewall or antivirus software installed on the PC may be interfering with the Network Cameras setup program. Disable the personal firewall or the antivirus software when configuring the Network Camera. Once the camera has been found on the network and configured, the firewall or antivirus software can be enabled once again.
  5. If a Network Camera KX-HCM270 is operating in wireless mode, switch to wired mode and try again to identify the Network Camera using the setup CD.

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