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My network uses a proxy server. How do I configure my web browser to access my Network Camera in this situation?

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A proxy server is generally used to maintain security on the LAN and control access to the internet. Connecting a Network Camera to a network via a proxy server can cause some problems however, such as reduced frame rate or other connection problems, and we recommend that you consult with the network administrator before installation.
If you do not use a proxy server in your network configuration, you do not need to worry about making proxy server configurations in your web browser.
If you are using a proxy server, the following settings must be made in your web browser:
  • When a Network Camera is part of a LAN, we recommend that you configure the web browser to not use a proxy server.
  • When using a proxy server equipped with a firewall, direct access of a Network Camera may not be possible. We recommend that you consult your network administrator in order to avoid any disturbance to the network or the Network Camera.
Configuring Internet Explorer 5.5 to use a proxy server
  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Select [Tools] -> [Internet Options...]
  3. 2. Click the [Connections] tab.
  4. Click [LAN Settings].
    The [Local Area Network (LAN) Settings] configuration window appears.
  5. Place a check in the [Use a proxy server] box.
  6. Click [Advanced...]. The Proxy Settings dialog box appears.
  7. Enter the IP address of Network Camera into the [Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with] field.
  8. Click [OK].

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