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Images are not being refreshed at the desired refresh rate.

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The number of user accessing the Network Camera may be affecting the network speed. As more connections are made to the Network Camera, the speed at which it can send data over the network decreases, resulting in slower refresh rates.

Wait for others to finish access the Network Camera, then try again.

You may have set a refresh rate that is faster than what your network environment can handle.
Regardless of what your settings are, the speed in which camera images are actually refreshed depends on both the Network Camera’s settings (image resolution, image quality, etc.) and the quality of your network environment, such as the throughput of the internet or intranet connection, the type and speed of the PC being used, etc.

Decrease the Network Camera’s image resolution and/or image quality, or try accessing with a faster computer.

If you are accessing through a wired LAN (Ethernet-based network) may not be using a switching hub.
To view images from multiple Network Cameras on the Multi-Camera screen smoothly, you must connect the cameras using an Ethernet switching hub otherwise images will be refreshed slowly.

Connect your Network Camera(s) using a switching hub.

If you are accessing through a wireless network, excessive noise or interference may be affecting the speed of the network.

Check the condition of wireless communications with the Network Camera at [Setup Page] -› [Network] -› 2. Wireless [Status]. If the overall condition of communications is poor, decrease the wireless communication speed.

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