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What is the basic procedure for connecting a sensor to the External I/O?

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  1. Prepare a lead wire.
    - Type of wire: 28AWG - 22AWG
    - Wire diameter: 0.32 - 0.65mm, single wire
    - Exposed wire at the tip: 5 - 7 mm
  2. Press down gently on the button beside the target hole using a slim pointed tool, such as a paper clip, and insert the exposed wire into the hole. Insert the wire vertically. Be careful not to permanently bend the button by pressing it with too much force.
    Make sure the wire is inserted as far as it will go, to ensure proper connection.
  3. After the exposed wire is inserted, release the button to lock the wire in place. Pull softly on the wire to make sure it is securely locked.Pull wire gently to confirm it is secure.
Disconnecting a lead wire
  1. Press down gently on the button, pull the wire out, then release the button. Do not push the button with excessive force.

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