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I intend to connect a light to the external I/O of the KX-HCM10. Is it possible to activate the light remotely, so it is turned on only when the camera is being used?

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Yes, an external light can be switched on and off remotely by using a relay. The Network Camera's external digital device circuitry is designed to allow a relay to be connected, and the collector signal from the NPN transistor is output as is.
When interfacing with external devices, refer to the notes below.
Click here for details of the electrical specifications of each Network Camera.
* Caution 1:
The maximum electrical current that can be applied to the digital output terminal of Network Cameras KX-HCM10 and KX-HCM8 is 50mA.
The maximum electrical current that can be applied to the digital output terminal of Network Cameras KX-HCM230, KX-HCM250, KX-HCM270, and KX-HCM280 is 100mA.
Select the appropriate relay and external resistor for the recommended rated current/voltage of relay and the resistance value of the coil.
(Example selection of electrical components for KX-HCM10)
• Specification of the relay
Rated voltage E1 = 6V
Rated current I1 = 33.3mA
Resistance of relay-coil R1 = 180 ohms
• Example of calculation for the value of external resistor R2
R2> Vcc/I1 - R1 = 10V / 33.3 mA - 180 ohms = 120 ohms and over.
PR2 = I1xI1xR2 = (33.3mA)X(33.3mA) x 120ohms = 0.13W and over.
Therefore, an external resistor of 120 ohms and 0.5W should be connected.
* Caution 2:
Consider the maximum allowable voltage of the relay. As input voltage applied to the relay (voltage of DC Power Output Terminal) varies, make sure voltage applied to the relay does not exceed its ratings.
* Caution 3: (Figure A)
If the voltage applied to the relay exceeds its rating, components within the Network Camera may be damaged.

* Caution 4: (Figure B)
If the rated current of the relay currently used exceeds 50 mA, you need to establish an extra external relay drive circuit as shown below.
  • Consider the condition of the transistor drive used for a relay drive, when designing a relay drive circuit.
  • On the "External Output Control" window, under "External Device Control Output", either "Open" or "Short to GND" can turn the relay on, depending on the configuration of the relay and drive circuit.
* Caution 5: (Figure B)
Please take extra care when you establish a relay drive circuit.
When you connect a relay circuit only to pin No.4 of External I/O, the external power source may reverse and be routed to inside the Network Camera, causing instability or damage to the Network Camera or its components.

* Caution 6: (Figure C)
When connecting the external devices to Network Camera using other components instead of a relay, connect an external pull-up resistor as shown below when the control input is logic input. In this case, input voltage becomes as high as 8 - 12V. Confirm the input rating of your external device and make sure it does not exceed the ratings,

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