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What number should be set up for the port number to identify the second or more Network Camera?

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The default Port Number is 80. You can select any Port Numbers from 1 to 65535. Please note that some numbers are already booked and used by Network Camera; thus can not be assigned as Port Numbers. Please do not assign following numbers that are booked and used by Network Camera:
  • 20: FTP
  • 21: FTP
  • 25: SMTP
  • 53: DNS
  • 54: HTTP
    (Normally used for transmission of images from Network Camera)
  • 123: NTP
Numbers smaller than 1024 include booked ports referred to as "Well-known ports". Before selecting numbers smaller than 1024 to assign, you have to be sure to understand "Well-known ports". You may have to change any Port Numbers if some devices other than Network Cameras are connected to the network where the Network Cameras are connected.

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