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  • 公開日時 : 2013/04/10 15:00
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Updating the BB-HNP11 via the support site for network cameras.

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  1. Network Camera Recorder is installed, and the license is registered.

  2. Access the following URL from web browser.

  3. Click [A]
  4. Click [exe]: Firmware of BB-HNP11A
  5. Click [hnp11a_v203R10us.exe] for [Network Camera Recorder/BB-HNP11us v2.03R10] and save the "hnp11a_v203R10us.exe" file to your PC.

  6. Double-click the ".exe" file saved to PC,
    and follow the screen after that.

  7. The extraction folder of the setup may appoint arbitrary folder, but the installation folder appoint the original installation folder by all means. The extracted files are not deleted in the automatic operation.

    • Uninstall it according to the screen though there is a step where the current Network Camera Recorder is uninstalled on the way of the upgrade.

    • For detailed information about the additional features refer to Operating Instructions (Additional Features) in [Help]->[Open Operating Instructions (Additional Features)].

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