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Updating the BB-HNP11 via Network Camera Recorder site.

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  1. Click [Download] for Network Camera Recorder, and visit Network Camera Recorder site.

  2. Enter Registration Code and password.

  3. Download the software and save it into your PC.

  4. Uninstall the current Network Camera Recorder.
    -How to uninstall:
    Click [Start]->[Control Panel], and select [Add/Remove Programs].
    The Add/Remove Programs window will be displayed.
    Then, select and delete [Network Camera Recorder].
    -Do not delete the install folder after uninstalling, in order to keep the Camera information that has been registered.

  5. Double-click the file saved in step 3, and install the upgrade software in the same install folder.
    -For detailed information about the additional features,
    refer to Operating Instructions (Additional Features) in
    [Help]->[Open Operating Instructions (Additional Features)].